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Bamboo rod room scent code: Valdivian

Bamboo rod room scent code: Valdivian

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Make every moment you spend in your living space more enjoyable with refreshing and sparkling odor notes from fruit flowers, while moving nature of nature to your living space, with the fragrances that refresh and give energy. Volume: Remove the metal title and stopper of the 50 ml product, insert the metal head on the glass bottle again. Place the bamboo sticks in the bottle so that they do not touch the ends. It will take 8 hours to absorb the smell of bamboo sticks and spread to the environment. We recommend that you reversed bamboo bars at intervals for 3-4 days. However, you can make changes in our suggestion time according to the odor density you want in the environment. You can adjust the odor density according to your request by increasing or reducing the number of bamboo rods you use in the bottle. Make sure that the liquid does not come to wooden surfaces. Visuals may have color differences from light and screen -source. With the assurance of Do'moda, it will be sent with Lov’ndle tag. The package has been opened, unfortunately we cannot accept the refund of the products.

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